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Learn on the Latest Technology

Posted on: April 12th, 2022
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Student learning experience is our number one priority, which is why we have recently invested in a fleet of Sonatest Wave units at IMechE Fife NDT.

The ease of operation and menu structure means that students can navigate through the settings quickly and confidently to build and store scanning settings such as DAC curves, this is especially helpful for people attending short refresher courses for recertification exams as more time can be spent scanning samples rather than setting up the equipment.  

In addition, the scan plan function allows students to visualise the position of the flaws. This information can also be used by customers out in the field by taking screenshots of the flaws which can be included in the Sonatest report and sent direct from the unit, to include in their own client report.  

Moreover, the improved user interface and customisable apps allows the student to customise the appearance of the equipment to suit them.

Alongside first-class tuition by our knowledgeable trainers, we believe that the latest investment will aid the learning experience of students attending Ultrasonic Testing courses at our training centre in Dunfermline.

This new initiative means that students attending a Non-Destructive Testing training course at IMechE Argyll Ruane in Sheffield, or IMechE Fife NDT in Scotland, are now able to request 100% of their money back should they be dissatisfied with the level of service provided during their time at one of our training centres.

Learn on the latest technology today

IMechE Fife NDT offer a range of Ultrasonic Testing courses to SNT-TC-1A / PCN certification schemes, including initial Level 1 and 2 Ultrasonic Testing of Welds, Level 1 UT Thickness & Lamination, in addition to refresher training and recertification examinations.

Upcoming Ultrasonic Testing Courses at IMechE Fife NDT:

  • Level 2 UT Welds initial: 25 April – 18 May
  • UT Thickness & Lamination:18 – 22 April
  • UT recertification & refreshers: Weekly

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