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David Griffin

Chief Examiner & Level 3 Consultant

David is the manager of Level 3 Services at IMechE FIFE NDT and has been so since he founded the department in 1999. He is the go-to man for anything related to NDT in the aerospace industry, having 40 years of experience in the NDT industry.

In addition to his extensive knowledge of the aerospace industry, David has also worked with nuclear and manufacturing (particularly forging) organisations.

David is one of the most highly qualified NDT experts in the UK, holding not only a degree in NDT but also has Level 3 certification for PCN, Rolls Royce, Augusta Westland, Airbus and BAE Systems. He is a Fellow of the ASNT and naturally holds ASNT Level III certification. David also holds EN 4179 certification in all qualified methods.

David is an expert in the following NDT methods; Magnetic Particle Testing, Penetrant Testing, Eddy Current Testing, Visual Testing, Ultrasonic Testing and Radiographic Testing.